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Are you ready to bring your dream home or office to life? Look no further! Atelier Design is your trusted partner in creating stunning and functional interior spaces. With a passion for design and an eye for detail, we turn your vision into reality.

We are a team of highly skilled and creative interior designers with years of experience in the industry.

Atelier Design Studio is a young & dynamic studio specialized in interior & landscape design. The studio is a multidisciplinary practice with a diverse portfolio of interior architectural projects. Captivated by creativity, Atelier Design Studio aims to signify its hallmark of innovation in every project. Our design studio consists of a youthful team that are constantly aiming for enhancing the methods of design with innovative ideas.

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Crafting Exceptional Living Spaces

We turn your vision of exceptional living spaces into reality. With a passion for creativity and an unwavering commitment to excellence, our team of dedicated designers and architects are poised to transform your surroundings. Explore our comprehensive range of services:


Interior Design

Elevate your interior spaces to new heights with Atelier Designs’ bespoke interior design services.


Landscape Design

Discover the beauty of nature seamlessly integrated into your outdoor spaces with Atelier Designs’ landscape design services.


Exterior Facade Design

Make a lasting first impression with a stunning exterior facade designed by Atelier Designs. 

Why Atelier design Studio?

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You deserve better than a rushed massage by a rookie therapist in a place that makes you feel more stressed.



Our team consists of seasoned professionals with a deep understanding of design principles and the latest trends.


Personalized Approach

We work closely with you to understand your preferences and create a design that reflects your unique style.


Quality Craftsmanship

We collaborate with skilled craftsmen to ensure that every element of your design is executed to perfection.


Attention to Detail

We believe that the little details make a big difference, and we leave no stone unturned.

We’re happy to deal with Hiba and her team. They are incredibly helpful and creative. We can’t wait to see it all come together.


Welcome to the Atelier Design Studio portfolio, a showcase of our finest creations in the world of interior design, landscape design, and exterior facade design.

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Transforming Corporate Spaces with Excellence

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