About us
Atelier Design studio.

Creativity is our foundation, precision is our craft, and your dreams are our canvas.

In Atelier Design Studio, we believe in the power of design to transform spaces into works of art, and we're dedicated to making your vision a reality.
Hiba Arekat

Our story

Atelier Design Studio is a young & dynamic studio specialized in interior & landscape design. The studio is a multidisciplinary practice with a diverse portfolio of interior architectural projects. Captivated by creativity, Atelier Design Studio aims to signify its hallmark of innovation in every project. Our design studio consists of a youthful team that are constantly aiming for enhancing the methods of design with innovative ideas.


Our goal is to enrich and enhance the human experience in the environments we create, enhance wellness, strengthen brand and culture, and explore technology with aims to maintain sustainability. We aim to leave a mark in the kingdom’s and neighboring countries environments that we take part of.


Hiba Arekat is a passionate architect that is captivated by creative matters in design. With 9 years of multi-disciplinary experience in design fields; she is mostly interested in witnessing an enhancement in her clients’ lives through design. She has founded Atelier Design Studio in the Kingdom of Bahrain where it is mainly focused on implementing landscape, residential and commercial projects. With a helpful and skilled team, Hiba’s personal approach ensures every detail of every project and product is exquisitely realized and impeccably finished. This is the heart of her studio’s ethos: dedication to clients; meticulous attention to detail and creation of beautiful and unique spaces In general, Hiba tries to unify each project by giving it its own signature. Her vision is limitless and unconstrained by genre. Since Atelier Design Studio was founded in 2020, she has created breath-taking interiors that range in scale and style, from sleek modern homes to classical detailed cafes. Always curious and open-minded, each interior comes from a kaleidoscope of inspiration from the natural habitat, art, architecture, travel, and mostly, music. It is Hiba’s approach to life and innate sense of adventure that underpins all aspects of her interiors resulting in truly ground-breaking and adventurous designs.

Hiba Arekat


Meet our team

At Atelier Design Studio, our team is a dynamic blend of creative visionaries and experienced professionals. We are passionate about design and dedicated to turning your dreams into reality.

Abdulla Hossam

Civil Engineer
Project Coordinator

Marwa Al Mahmoud

Interior Designer

Jasmin Kazak

3D Visualizer
Interior Designer

Nivin Mathew

3D Artist

Omar Magdy

3d Artist

We’re happy to deal with Hiba and her team. They are incredibly helpful and creative. We can’t wait to see it all come together.